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Interactions between intestinal microflora and parasites of rodents
K. Kowalkowska, A. Okulewicz

1. Wprowadzenie. 2. Jelitowa flora bakteryjna gryzoni. 3. Badania na zwierzętach doświadczalnych. 4.Podsumowanie

Abstract: Natural intestinal microflora is a complex system of microorganisms providing homeostasis in the gastrointestinal tract of the host. Next to the bacterial commensals, there are other, larger and more hostile to the host organisms such as parasites. Laboratory rodent (mice and rats) may be contaminated with intestinal parasites, mainly pinworm species. Helminth parasites can alter the interpretation of final results. It is known that intestinal flora and parasites of animals may interact with each-other, but the nature of those relationships is not fully investigated. Unfortunately, our state of knowledge does not allow to predict the direction of those interactions, hence it seems important to carry out further research on this issue. In this work, current results of experimental studies on interactions between intestinal microflora and parasites of rodents are presented.

1. Introduction. 2. Intestinal bacterial flora of rodents. 3. Studies in experimental animals. 4. Summary