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Problematyka zakażeń okołowszczepowych

Infections associated with implantable biomaterials
R. Pokrowiecki, S. Tyski, M. Zaleska

1. Wstęp. 2. Patogeneza zakażenia okołowszczepowego. 3. Klasyfikacja zakażeń okołowszczepowych. 4. Diagnostyka. 5. Profilaktyka zakażeń. 6. Leczenie zakażeń. 6. Podsumowanie

Abstract: Bacterial infections accompanying implanted medical devices create serious clinical problems. Using titanium implants may reduce the rate of there infections. Physicochemical properties of titanium allow using it as implantable biomaterial to maintain osseointegration, phenomenon described as “biological and functional connection of the implant with the living bone”. One of the most important factors which can affect osseointegration is bacterial colonization of the implant surface and development of Biomaterial Associated Infection (BAI). Impaired osseointegration can increase the risk of subsequent loosening due to micromotion. BAI’s in orthopaedics and maxillofacial surgery are serious complications, which ultimately lead to osteomyelitis with consequent devastating effects on bone and surrounding soft tissues. Implant associated infections are caused by microorganisms which adhere to the implant surface and then live clustered together in a highly hydrated extracellular matrix attached to the surface, known as bacterial biofilm. Simple debridement procedures with retention of prosthesis and chemotherapy with antimicrobial agents are the treatments not always effective against infections already established.

1. Introduction. 2. Pathogenesis of biomaterial associated infection. 3. Classification. 4. Diagnostics. 5. Prophylaxis. 6. Treatment. 6. Summary