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Mikrobiosensory beleczkowe w mikrobiologii

Application of cantilever-based microbiosensors in microbiology
A. Wańczyk, B. Łabędź, Z. Rajfur

1. Wstęp. 2. Przystosowanie układu do precyzyjnych pomiarów biologiczno-chemicznych. 3. Zastosowanie mikrobiosensorów beleczkowych w pomiarach  biologicznych. 3.1. Mikrobiologia. 3.1.1. Wykrywanie mikroorganizmów. 3.1.2. Określanie masy mikroorganizmów. 3.1.3.Badanie wzrostu mikroorganizmów. 3.2. Proteomika. 3.3. Inne zastosowania mikrobiosensorów beleczkowych. 4. Podsumowanie

Abstract: This paper presents applications of cantilever-based microbiosensors in microbiology and other biological fields. These devices can be employed in a wide range of experiments due to their high sensitivity and capability of performing label-free and real-time measurements. Cantilever-based microbiosensors are employed in a variety of measurements, such as single cell mass, concentration of specific substances, their density and viscosity, fluid flow velocity, heat of reaction or detection of trace amounts of specified substances. All these applications ares possible, because cantilever surface can be specifically functionalized. In the last few years, the cantilever-based microbiosensors have been significantly improved to obtain even higher precision of measurement which allows for their new, unique applications with live biological systems.

1. Introduction. 2. Adaptation of the system for precise bio-chemical measurements. 3. Application of cantilever-based microbiosensors in biological  measurements. 3.1. Microbiology. 3.1.1. Detection of microorganisms. 3.1.2. Microorganism mass determination. 3.1.3. Microorganism growth studies. 3.2. Proteomics. 3.3. Other applications of cantilever-based microbiosensors. 4. Summary