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Różnorodność gatunkowa bakterii związanych z grzybami z rodzaju Tuber (trufla)

Species diversity of bacteria associated with fungi of the genus Tuber (truffles)
M. Siebyła, D. Hilszczańska

1. Charakterystyka trufli. 2. Różnorodność gatunkowa bakterii. 3. Podsumowanie

Abstract: Truffles (Tuber spp.) are ascomycete hypogeous fungi, which form ectomycorrhizae with roots of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Their fruiting bodies are valued for their distinctive aroma. The aroma might be partially due to complex bacterial community which colonizes their fruiting bodies. Some bacterial species are also believed to promote the truffle’ fruitification due to the fixation of nitrogen inside the developing truffles. Although truffles, especially of the species Tuber aestivum, are getting more popular and are widely cultivated, little is still known about their biology, composition and the role of their associative microbes. The aim of this study was to present the current knowledge about the bacterial communities associated with black truffles and their potential influence on the truffle life cycle and maturation.

1. Characteristics of truffles. 2. Diversity of bacterial species. 3. Conclusion