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Bakteriofagi i drapieżniki bakterii jako czynniki limitujące liczbę bakterii w środowisku

Bacteriophages and bacterial predators as agents limiting the amount of bacteria in the environment
A. Wierzbicka-Woś, W. Deptuła

1. Wprowadzenie. 2. Bakteriofagi a bakterie w środowisku. 3. Bakterie drapieżne z grupy BALO a bakterie w środowisku. 4. Pierwotniaki a bakterie w środowisku. 5. Drapieżniki bakterii a biofilm. 6. Mechanizmy obronne bakterii oraz ich interakcje z drapieżnikami. 7. Praktyczne wykorzystanie drapieżników bakterii. 8. Podsumowanie

Abstract: Bacterial predators, such as Bdellovibrio and Bdellovibrio like organisms (BALOs), protozoa and bacteriophages, are the major cause of bacterial mortality. Howeverthe correlations between these microorganisms enable their coexistance in the same ecological niche. This review presents the interactions between bacterial prey and their predators, and bacteriophages. In addition, it describes bacterial adaptations helping bacteria to prevent the attack. Taking into account current problems with increasing antibiotic resistance of pathogenic microorganisms, this observations can lead us to the discovery of novel antimicrobial compounds, which are common in nature, and could be used in the future against animal and human pathogens. Moreover, these microorganisms might be also a potentialsource of novel biocatalysts, which could be applied in biotechnological processes.

1. Introduction. 2. Bacteriophages and bacteria in the environment. 3. Bacterial predators from BALO and bacteria in the environment. 4. Protozoa and bacteria in the environment. 5. Bacterial predators and biofilm. 6. Defense mechanisms of bacteria and their interactions with predators. 7. Practical use of bacterial predators. 8. Summary