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Rys historyczny oraz aktualna taksonomia pałeczek z rodzaju Campylobacter

The history and the current taxonomy of Campylobacter species
P. Roszkowska, S. Giedrys-Kalemba, K. Galant, A. Pruss, I. Wojciechowska - Koszko

1. Rys historyczny. 2. Taksonomia. 3. Podsumowanie

The history and the current taxonomy of Campylobacter species

Abstract: The first mentions of unknown pathogenic Gram-negative curved rods date back to the 1880s. Initially, these bacteria were regarded only as a pathogen of animals, however, their clinical significance increased with the development of methods used in microbiological diagnostics. In recent decades, systematics and taxonomy of Campylobacter, initially belonging to the genus Vibrio, have undergone many transformations and modifications. Campylobacter is a separate genus since 1963 and, currently, it counts 27 species, 9 subspecies and 3 biovars. 19 species are considered to be pathogenic for humans and 9 for the animals. Nowadays, the significance of Campylobacter in the pathogenesis of infections in humans and animals is unquestionable.

1. Historical background. 2. Taxonomy. 3. Summary