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Ekstremofile – mikroorganizmy z przeszłością i z przyszłością

Extremophiles – microorganisms with the past and the future
A. Zabłotni, A. Dziadosz

1. Wprowadzenie. 2. Warunki życia i przystosowanie do nich. 2.1. Psychrofile. 2.2. Termofile. 2.3. Acidofile. 2.4. Alkalifile. 2.5. Halofile. 2.6. Piezofile. 3. Z ekstremofilami w przyszłość – biotechnologiczne możliwości wykorzystania. 4. Podsumowanie

Abstract: Extremophilic microorganisms can live and grow under extreme conditions. They exist in many natural, as well as human made habitats characterized by an elevated or low temperature, extreme pH value, high salt concentration and hydrostatic pressure. They represent Bacteria, Archaea and Eucarya domains. Many of them are polyextremophiles. Extremophilic microorganisms use a variety of strategies for survival under unfavourable conditions. Their structural and physiological features have been studied for many years and a novel application area for extremophilic enzymes and other products have been found. A range of new applications is still in development.

1. Introduction. 2. Living conditions and adaptation to them. 2.1 Psychrophiles. 2.2. Thermophiles. 2.3. Acidophiles. 2.4. Alkaliphiles. 2.5 Halophiles. 2.6. Piezophiles. 3. The future with extremophiles – biotechnological potential for use. 4. Abstract