Mikrobiom człowieka

The human microbiome
M. Malinowska, B. Tokarz-Deptuła, W. Deptuła


1. Wprowadzenie 2. Mikrobiom skóry 3. Mikrobiom jamy ustnej 4. Mikrobiom przewodu pokarmowego 5. Mikrobiom dróg oddechowych 6. Mikrobiom układu moczowo-płciowego 7. Podsumowanie

Abstract: The human microbiome is represented by bacteria, archea, viruses, including bacteriophages, and fungi. These microorganisms colonize the human body and are necessary for the maintenance of homeostasis, including human immune status. Even though human microbiome is vital for the functioning of the human organism, it is still poorly understood, especially when it comes to archea, but also viruses and fungi. The aim of this study is to present the current state of knowlegde about the microorganisms inhabiting essential biotypes of the human body, i.e. the skin, the mouth and the digestive tract, as well as the respiratory and urogenital tract.

1. Introduction. 2. The skin microbiome. 3. The oral microbiome. 4. The digestive tract microbiome. 5. The respiratory tract microbiome. 6. The urinary tract microbiome. 7. Summary