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Mikrobiologiczne ogniwa paliwowe: podstawy technologii, jej ograniczenia i potencjalne zastosowania

Microbial fuel cells: rationale, limitations and potential applications of the technology
K. Markowska, A. M. Grudniak, K. I. Wolska

1. Wstęp. 2. Zasada działania i rodzaje MFC. 3. Mikroorganizmy wytwarzające elektryczność. 4. Transfer elektronów na anodę. 5. Wydajność pracy MFC. 6. Optymalizacja pracy ogniwa. 7. Wykorzystanie ogniw mikrobiologicznych. 8. Podsumowanie

Abstract: Microbial fuel cells (MFC) are devices which use electrochemically active microorganisms to generate an electrical current from a wide range of substrates. Because of the promise of sustainable energy production from organic wastes and wastewaters, this technology is of interest to many scientists. This article deseribes to rationale and limitations of this technology. The performance of MFC depends on a complex system of parameters. Apart from technical variables like the fuel cell design, mechanisms of the bioelectrochemical energy conversion decisively determine the MFC power and energy output. Current limitations make this technology inefficient in electricity generation. Therefore some researchers focus ori the ability of electrochemically active microorganisms to degrade wastes and toxic chemicals as their greatest value. Still continuous efforts are exerted to optimize performance. This article presents the most interesting
current and potential applications of microbial fuel cells are highlighted.

1. Introduction. 2. The principle of operation and types of MFC. 3. Microorganisms that produce electricity. 4. Electron transfer to the anode. 5. MFC work efficiency. 6. Optimization of the fuel cells. 7. Application of MFC. 8. Summary