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Mimiwirus APMV, mamawirus oraz jego wirofag – budowa i charakterystyka

APMV, Mimivirus mamavirus and its virophage – structure and characteristic
B. Tokarz - Deptuła, J. Śliwa - Dominiak, M. Kubiś, W. Deptuła

1. Wprowadzenie. 2. Charakterystyka wirusa APMV. 3. Mimiwirus APMV, a super-rodzina NCLDV (nucleocytoplasmic large DNA viruses). 4. Wirofag mamawirusa. 5. Podsumowanie

Abstract: This paper describes APMV Mimivirus, which belongs to the NCLDV super-family. The representatives of this super-family shed light a lot of biological secrets. The role of this virus is not known and this fact forms the basis for the discussion about common origin of viruses and eukaryote. In this paper a new, not yet registered virophage is presented.

1. Introduction. 2. Characteristic of APMV virus. 3. Mimivirus and super-family of NCLDV (Nucleocytoplasmic Large DNA Viruses). 4. Mamavirus virophage. 5. Summary