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Bartonella spp. infections with particular emphasis on eye diseases
B. Fiecek, T. Chmielewski, S. Tylewska - Wierzbanowska
1. Wstęp. 2. Bartonella sp. – wewnątrzkomórkowy patogen. 3. Chorobotwórczość bakterii Bartonella sp. dla zwierząt. 4. Chorobotwórczość Bartonella sp. dla ludzi. 4.1. Bartonella henselae – patogen wywołujący choroby oczu. 5. Podsumowanie
Abstract: Bartonellosis is a zoonosis caused by bacteria of the genus Bartonella which are transmitted by vectors such as feas, lice and ticks. It causes mainly cat scratch disease (CSD), but also endocarditis, meningitis, peliosis hepatitis, bacillary angiomatosis and pneumonia. It has been established that about 5–25% of infections caused by Bartonella spp. may have a form of infammatory process within the eyeball. Tese diseases include optic neuritis, anterior uveitis, focal retinal vasculitis or focal choroiditis, lesions in the optic disc region, infammation of the vitreous and the branch retinal arteriolar or venular occlusions. Ophthalmic bartonellosis should be particularly suspected in patients who have contact with a cat and develop a sudden fever with loss of vision.
1. Introduction. 2. Bartonella sp. intracellular pathogen. 3. Pathogenicity of Bartonella sp. in animals. 4. Pathogenicity Bartonella sp. in people. 4.1. Bartonella henselae a pathogen causing eye diseases. 5. Summary