Bakterie kwasu octowego Asaia sp. i ich unikalne zdolności adaptacyjne

Acetic acid bacteria Asaia sp. and their unique adaptive abilities
H. Antolak, D. Kręgiel

1. Charakterystyka Asaia sp. 2. Zdolności adaptacyjne. 3. Zakażenia oportunistyczne. 4. Symbionta moskitów i walka z malarią. 5. Podsumowanie

Abstract: The natural environment for acetic bacteria of the genus Asaia are Asian fruits, flowers and insects. They are also isolated from spoiled soft drinks in Europe. These bacteria are classified as saprophytes, but there have been some cases of bacteremia caused by Asaia lannensis and A. bogorensis strains. They are also isolated as microbiota of mosquitoes in the tropical climate. Their unique adaptation abilities, such us genes encoding adhesins which help them colonize the environment as well as operons responsible for survival under various conditions, make Asaia sp. potential microorganisms to be used in the fight against malaria.

1. Characteristics of Asaia sp. 2. Adaptability. 3. Opportunistic infections. 4. Mosquito symbionts and the fight against malaria. 5. Summary