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Wirus cytomegalii – problem zakażeń wrodzonych

Cytomegalovirus – problems due to congenital infection
M. Dunal, A. Trzcińska, J. Siennicka

1. Wstęp. 2. Budowa wirusa cytomegalii. 3. Replikacja CMV. 4. Latencja. 5. Patogeneza i formy kliniczne zakażenia. 6. Epidemiologia. 7. Zakażenie wrodzone CMV. 8. Diagnostyka zakażeń wrodzonych. 8.1. Oznaczenia serologiczne u matki. 8.2. Badanie płynu owodniowego. 8.3. USG. 8.4. Diagnostyka zakażenia wrodzonego u noworodka. 9. Profilaktyka i leczenie. 9.1. Szczepionka. 9.2. Bierna immunizacja. 9.3. Leki przeciwwirusowe. 9.4. Zapobieganie zakażeniom CMV. 10. Podsumowanie

Abstract: Human cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the most common cause of perinatal viral infections in the developed world and the leading cause of congenital infections. About 30–40% infected pregnant women transmit the infection to their fetus. The consequences of CMV infection on pregnant women are very diverse, however, due to their universality, are a serious public health problem. Therefore, the development of prevention in the form of an effective vaccine is one of the priorities of the World Health Organization. Until the vaccine is implemented, it seems very important to raise awareness about the risks associated with CMV infection. The epidemiology, clinical manifestations, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of CMV congenital infection are reviewed.

1. Introduction. 2. The structure of cytomegalovirus. 3. CMV replication. 4. Latency. 5. Pathogenesis and clinical forms of infection. 6. Epidemiology. 7. Congenital CMV infection. 8. Diagnosis of congenital infection. 8.1. Serological tests for mothers. 8.2. Examination of amniotic fluid. 8.3. USG. 8.4. Diagnosis of congenital infection in a newborn. 9. Prevention and treatment. 9.1. The vaccine. 9.2. Passive immunization. 9.3. Antivirals. 9.4. Prevention of CMV infection. 10. Summary